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We are a platform providing one-stop financial services ranged from individual, group, commercial and industrial insurance to property investments and MPF solutions.
We work closely with our clients from various industries and our business partners to structure products and services to satisfy our clients' needs, help our business partners grow and position our company in the market.
We put our clients' interests in front of ours, which helped us to grow to the current scale over the last two decades. We will continue to put our clients in mind from our product development process to client servicing and delivery, to ensure your needs are fulfilled.
Founded in 1992, Wickfield Group has gained its reputation from the market with its exceptional quality services. The Wickfield Insurance Brokers has now become an integrated financial solution provider with its insurance brokerage, mortgage and loan and estate agency arms.

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    Your Tailor-made Insurance Solutions
    We provide tailor-made service satisfying your individual needs. There are many people who have neglected the importance of insurance. To show your love to your family, don't hesitate to call us to make them worry-free to their future!
    With our comprehensive portfolio and experience in serving clients worldwide and from different industries, there will be a solution that fits your need. We have rich experience in handling any commercial insurance case. Contact our professional consultants to get a quotation!
    We provide a wide range of products to companies to satisfy their Employees' Benefit schemes, including Group Medical Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance, etc.
    We provide products liability insurance, marine cargo, exhibition package and export credit insurance.
    For managing building risks, we provide comprehensive protection including property all risks, fire, public liability, building owners third party liability insurance and so on.
    We assist clients to address the risk management measures with contractors’ all risks and employees’ compensation products.

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