Professional Liability

As a professional, if professional errors or omissions occur, you will be at risk of being sued for negligence or breach of contract. Professional liability insurance will protect some related professional liabilities.


Applicable professionals

Architect Engineer Project Manager Measurer Interior Designer
Consultancy Services Marketing Security Guard Information Technology Human Resources
Professional Training Dietitian Optometrist Pharmacist Chiropractor
Acupuncturists Speech Therapist Beautician Hairstylist Travel Agency
Gym Broadcasting Industry Newspaper Magazine Publishing Digital Media
Lawyer Western Medicine Chinese Medicine Professional Team
Organization Education service Educational Psychologist Tuition center



  • Negligence, error, omission or misleading statement, breach of confidentiality agreement
  • Personal injury or death, mental damage / property damage caused by breach of duty
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Counterplead fee, attendance investigation fee
  • Data protection, document loss
  • The terms of the policy provide extensive protection, including any civil liability claims in the operation of the business




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