Medical and Global Health

Indivdual medical will compensate the insured for the huge medical expenses caused by medical treatment. Generally, it will include the following protections:


Basic Coverage
  1. Room Fees
  2. Intensive Care
  3. In-hospital Doctor’s Visit
  4. Hospital Expenses
  5. Surgeon’s Fees
  6. Operating Theatre Charges
  7. Anaesthetists’ Fees


Optional Coverage
  1. Supplementary Major Medical Benefits
  2. Outpatient Benefits
  3. Hospital Cash Benefits
  4. Dental Benefits
  5. Pregnancy Cover


In addition to the ordinary Hospital and Surgical Expenses and Outpatient Benefits of Medical Insurance, Global Health Insurance provides the followings:


  • Annual maximum up to US$5 Million
  • Fully covered In-hospital Payment
  • Oncology
  • Complications of Pregnancy
  • AIDS/HIV – Mental or Nervous Disorders
  • Organ Transplant
  • Hospice Care
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Pre-existing Conditions
  • Maternity
  • Free Cover for New Born Baby
  • Elective treatment in Worldwide countries
  • Elective deductible to save premium




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