Working HolidayCare

FWD Working HolidayCare

Working HolidayCare provides you with comprehensive travel protection during your working holiday. Coverage for Medical Expenses, Worldwide Emergency Services, Personal Accident, Major Burns, Personal Liability, Cancellation and Curtailment of Trip and Loss of Income are included. 


  • Special Feature covers Unforeseeable Loss of Income Cash Allowance
  • Cover for your Temporary Employment including manual work in Farm, Restaurants, Tourist guide, services industry etc in the visa issuing country
  • Cover for leisure and amateur spor ts activities(with altitude limit not over 5,000 meters above sea-level or depth not greater than 30 meters below sea-level) including winter spor ts, bungee jumping, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, scuba diving and other water sports etc
  • Cover for personal accident and medical related claims caused by act of terrorism
  • Premium cover for your Working Holiday Schemeup to 365 days
  • Cover your leisure trip extend to worldwide during the Working Holiday Period
  • 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services
  • No excess for all benets
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