Wickfield – LCI NAC program

Wickfield LCI NAC Program Free Home Insurance Scheme for MW Lock purchase

Product details: Schedule of Benefits and Policy Wording


Applicant must be at least 18 years old and Hong Kong resident.
The premises or building to be insured must be for residential use. No industrial or commercial buildings will be covered. The premises or building to be insured must be located in Hong Kong SAR.
The premises or building must be built of bricks, stone or concrete and roofed with concrete.


I agree and understand that Wickfield Insurance Brokers Ltd. (‘the Company”) is the servicing insurance broker of the Home Guard Insurance (Free Plan) (“Policy”) and this Policy is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

I / We confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Company.

I / We understand that the Company will be remunerated for its services by the receipt of commission paid by insurers. Your agreement to proceed with this insurance transaction shall constitute your consent to the receipt of commission by the Company.

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For any enquiry regarding the Home Guard Insurance (Free Plan), please contact “Wickfield Insurance Brokers Ltd.”
Tel : 3590 6428
Email : lclock@wickfield.com.hk